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Psico Surf (Splatter Vinyl)
Los Protones Psico Surf (Splatter Vinyl)
Format: LP Type: Compilation
Labels: Rey Record
Release Year: 2024
EAN/UPC: 8435008876951
Available for immediate delivery

First career spanning compilation on vinyl, covering studio albums, singles and unreleased tracks (2009-2023) by the acclaimed Peruvian instro band, Los Protones.

A collection of intense recordings – mostly originals – which combine surf music, psych, garage, and tropical & Andean flavors.

The Protones began their strange journey in Lima, Peru, in early 2007. The band’s roots were as a side project for several members of Manganzoides, a well-remembered Peruvian garage rock band, but they quickly consolidated their own instrumental style that, to this day, combines musical genres from the 60s such as psychedelia, surf music and garage rock, sometimes paying tribute to Peruvian rhythms such as chicha and Amazonian cumbia.

They are surely the only band in the world that has shared stages with Los Shapis and the New York Dolls, although not on the same night... Over the course of two decades they have played countless concerts, including visits to Europe and other Latin American countries.

The music on this compilation comes from their four, full-length studio albums: “Los Protones”, “Hijas del Diablo”, “Maravilla!” and “Misión: OA4”, in addition to the previous CD compilation “20 Monstruos! 2007-2015” and “Double Feature”, a split CD with the Brazilian band Os Brutus.

The group's current lineup includes Gonzaleo (guitar), Tito (drums), Jimi (keyboards), Andrés (bass) and Lucía (violin).

Dance floor oriented tropical music at its best!

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