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The Journey

Italian guitar virtuoso, Matteo Mancuso. Hailing from the far-away island of Sicily, nestled in the Mediterranean Sea to the South of Italy, the island has always had a rich cultural heritage, from poets, writers, philosophers, and architects to painters and musicians.

Born in 1996 and raised just outside the capital Palermo, the pedigree runs deep in the veins of those from the region. Had his family relocated to the US, he might be the best-kept secret in the lineage of great Italian-American players like Zappa, Vai, Satriani, Di Meola, Petrucci and Gambale. As a multi-faceted player, either classical or electric, what is astounding is his one-of-a-kind technique and use of his fingers instead of regular picking. With an impressive tone, original sound, and humble demeanour, you have the guitarist no one has ever seen and whose talent puts him in a different league.

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