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The Book Of Fire (Yellow/Orange Vinyl)
Mono Inc. The Book Of Fire (Yellow/Orange Vinyl)
Format: 2xLP Type: Album
Labels: NoCut
Release Year: 2020
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The new concept album of MONO INC. sheds light onto the story of the “Book Of Fire”, a mystical artefact, which contains the secret knowledge of centuries and chose a young healer to be its new owner in the dark middle-ages.

The persecution, sorrow and suffering, which the bloodthirsty inquisition inflicted on her and her fight for freedom are wrapped up in a terrific way by the four musicians around mastermind Martin Engler – heavier than ever before, but not without their well-known, emotional depth.

From the very first sounds on you get pulled into an emotional roller-coaster, get carried by epic anthems, shed tears at soulful ballads and celebrate, when heavy guitars and the angelic voice of drummer lady Katha Mia work together in perfect harmony. But the concept for the album was too refined, too good to not make more of it. And thus the band sets new standards by telling the whole story of the young healer Aellin in their first ever earbook. There you can read the whole tragedy of the inquisitional era in 12 captivating chapters.

And if that’s not enough, you can also listen to the story in the audio-book version, which was read by no other than Katha Mia and Martin Engler, with his soothing, smoky voice, accompanied by the heart-warming melodies of “The Book Of Fire”-songs on piano.

MONO INC., with their heaviest album ever, will take you with them into the somber time of the Inquisition, only lit up by the torchlights of henchman.

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