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Role Model
Splinter Role Model
Format: LP Type: Album
Labels: Nois-O-Lution
Genre: Rock
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 4051579016912

BIRTH OF JOY and DEATH ALLEY, two of the best Dutch live bands, played one last tour together and fell apart. How close "birth" and "death" are sometimes, is also shown here. After the tour, parts of both bands found each other again in the rehearsal room and formed SPLINTER. The debut album was released via Robotor Record, the label of Kadavar, who then found too little time besides their own band activities and thankfully recommended the band to Noisolution. We did not have to think long… SPLINTER question everything musically and throw their preferences and influences together. Danceable, sleazy, full of pop and yet a feisty heavy rock album. Much reminds of the late 80s, when rock flew apart disoriented but full of ideas in all directions. Punk was over, wave was over, metal was coming up, alternative rock was knocking on the door... SPLINTER have a bit of everything. "Heavy rock 'n' roll" is pretty accurate. Sometimes I also refer to the punk foundations of the band, because it's cheeky, defiant and unorthodox," says singer Douwe Truijens. The biggest difference to the debut album is that they were able to get Mario Goossens (drummer of Triggerfinger & Sloper) as producer for the new record and that they took a lot of time to write and record. "Unique is the punk sound with Hammond organ and the energy and dance moves of the singer," Douwe says with a smile, "for me it's very important that the songs are catchy and danceable. I always like bands that have that. It doesn't have to be mellow music to be poppy, it can still rock hard and make your hips swing."

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