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Paradigm Shift (Gold Vinyl)
Super Duty Tough Work Paradigm Shift (Gold Vinyl)
Format: LP Type: Album
Genre: Hip Hop
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 0623339919913

Golden-era taste, future-era based. Tylenol 3 for capitalist migraines. Resistance based-debauchery for disaffected baddies. Committed to tradition, yet set on innovation, Super Duty Tough Work is a constantly evolving, art-rap ensemble with their intentions set on shaking up the industry and providing offerings that elevate joy, while standing in opposition to the homicidal capitalist ideals of the ruling class and their aspiring accomplices. Rooted in the tradition of Black American resistance arts, Super Duty Tough Work is known for their scathing wit and thorough analysis, pushing their radical politic of revolution, party, and bullshit - both on record and on stage. Inspired by the dirty jazz sample sound of 90s east coast hip hop, Super Duty Tough Work are the live incarnation of hip hop culture's quintessential era, appearing as a band but manifesting a sound that’s more akin to something straight out of an MPC or SP-404 sampler. Revered for their methodically curated sets, Super Duty Tough Work mixes laidback rap action and razor-sharp delivery with hypnotic loops and effortless transitions, keeping audiences on their feet and transfixed in anticipation for what’s coming next. Simply put: internationalism is the theme, liberation through hedonism is the dream, and satisfaction is guaranteed from the team whose specialty is taking audiences on a journey through a culture where loops are slayed and jewels are the tools of the trade. Super Duty Tough Work. Paradigm Shift. Worldwide 9/8 via Next Door Records.

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