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The Perfect Spell
The Noise Figures The Perfect Spell
Format: LP Type: Album
Release Year: 2020
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2013: The Black Keys are set to release a new album next year, along with Royal Blood who are preparing for their debut. Meanwhile, another duo, from Athens, rely on analog methods to record their first album, an album filled with fuzz, garage rock vibes and psychedelic aesthetics. They‘re called the Noise Figures and are a psych rock n’ roll band consisting of George Nikas (vocals, drums) and Stamos Bamparis (vocals, guitar). The album is produced and mixed by the band themselves with Gou and Sillyboy. 2015: After many live shows all over Greece, The Noise Figures are back in the studio, ready to dive into deeper waters, and give us a new album, Aphelion. They have already shared the stage with acts like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Growlers and All Them Witches.

Musical influences from these bands can be traced in Aphelion’s ten tracks, tied brilliantly with heavy riffs reminiscent of Death from Above 1979 and fuzz that brings The Black Angels to mind. The album is produced by Alex Bolbasis. 2018: The Noise Figures collaborate with Bolbasis once again for a new record, a more edgy, spiritualistic and extroverted one. It is titled Telepath. The album’s release is combined with a European tour, the fourth one in a row, at which The Noise Figures unleash their energy on the road. Coming back to base, they appear on Release Athens Festival with Shame, James and Iggy Pop. 2020 April : Two years after "Telepath", the Athens-based drums-guitar duo of George Nikas and Stamos Bamparis have returned with their heaviest record to date. "The Perfect Spell" finds the band more cheerful than ever, in a mood to capture the vibe of their impressive gigs on a recording, that centers on the heavy bluesy sound of the 70's.

All through the fresh look of a skilled, well traveled band with a warm Greek breeze that comes behind it. Meaty, catchy, fuzz driven guitar lines and overwhelmingly powerful drumming create a full, loud wall of sound and keep muscle and intimidation in play throughout the album. With the cooperation of their sound engineer Nikos Triantafyllou and long time producer Alex Bolpasis, The Noise Figures play their ace and build a heavy psych soundscape, sticking close to their raw power roots.

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The Perfect Spell (Clear Vinyl)
LP | Album
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