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Bie Records Meets Shika Shika (Red Vinyl)
Various Bie Records Meets Shika Shika (Red Vinyl)
Format: LP Type: Compilation
Labels: Shika Shika
Genre: Electronic
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 0634457147652

This project unites artists from two labels, Chinese based bié Records and Latin America based Shika Shika, separated by very contrasting cultures and thousands of kilometers but united by shared values and a shared musical vision. Driven by values of creativity, borderless music and fairness for artists, both labels showcase artists that unite electronica with ambient and folk music, purposefully existing outside of the globalized, copy-paste of the mainstream music industry. A mix of intrigue and mutual respect led to the birth of this compilation, with the two labels teaming up to match together a group of their artists to remix each other. The result is a widely imaginative, fresh and diverse selection of tracks featuring some of the prominent producers such as DaYe, Lim Giong; Hualun, Sun Dawei and Rainsoft from bié records and DJ Raff, Terror:Cactus, Numa Gama, Barrio Lindo and El Búho from Shika Shika. The compilation is a testament to music's power to transcend language and cultural background as artists from hugely different contexts unite to explore and build on each other's creative visions.

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