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Walhalla New Beat

Walhalla New Beat, the idea was to ask a number of artists to make a new song in the typical 80’s new beat style. Among them are a number of artists who were already making new beat at that time (Sherman Productions, Olivier Abbeloos, NB DJ Tom, Schicksal) as well as new artists who only started making new beat later on (Pakrac, Q’PnZ, Belgica Erotica, Me And My Desire, The Logic Society). Because that's the nice thing about new beat, it has never been away, it conquered the world in 1988 and 1989 and nowadays people are still talking about it and it’s still being made. The genre still lives on in countries all over the world, such as the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico and of course here in Belgium. After 34 years we are still looking for the Perfect Low Beat. Again an unique compilation by leading Belgian Walhalla Records, specialized in Minimal synth, EDM, cold wave … known for the Underground Wave series, 6 albums released so far, multiple other compilations and albums by Suicide Commando, Ton Lebbink, Enzo Kreft;, Schicksal a.m.o.

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