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Bel Esprit


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CHICKN are happy to announce the release of new album "Bel Esprit" on October 18th via Inner Ear Records.

This is a nine track album which contains an equal amount of gender-bender acid pop nuggets that will generously provide you with all the touchy-feeliness you’ll ever need. It will be hidden inside intimate voices telling distant stories, cosmic whistles or even in the form of cadenced grooves from outer space.

“Bel Esprpit” is CHICKN’s first & last racing horse, a radiant contemplation on absence and progress.

“Bel Esprit” was recorded between March and June of 2019 in Athens, Greece engineered by Nikos Triantafyllou and Iraklis Vlahakis, produced by Angelos Krallis & CHICKN.

“Bel Esprit” is the one thing you only feel it when it’s gone, but now you have the amazing chance to experience it in real time.

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