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Fieldworks Exkursion EP

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After the release as a tour exclusive for ten shows in Germany in February 2019, “Fieldworks Exkursion EP” by Covenant will be released as a strictly limited edition CD on May 10, 2019 via Metropolis Records in the US. The EP will also be available for downloading and streaming on all digital platforms.

The five-track EP is the first release of an upcoming cycle of records attributed to the theme "Fieldworks.” Containing one song written by each member of the band, the album spans the tension, dance, and artistic leap of faith that Covenant has come to stand for. It includes the song “All That Is Solid Melts Into Air” inspired by the correspondent quote from Karl Marx and 19th century writer Percy Shelly. The EP also includes a strong collaboration with French electro-industrial newcomer Grabyourface on the track “False Gods.” All songs are based on field recordings of great and small sounds from tours across six continents, mixed with the everyday noise of living. Covenant uses field recordings as a medium and vessel to challenge our perception of media, manipulation, and hidden agendas. The “Fieldworks: Exkursion EP” also revolves around spirituality - taking cues from old texts such as the Mayan creation myth Popol Vuh and ancient temples like the Pantheon in Rome. The EP lingers on the beauty that is life itself and conveys an angry reflection on the troubled times of today.

What do we believe in? What is going on that we cannot hear but feel every day? Rediscover the world through its sounds (and silence), and rise to the challenge of our times. 

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