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Each One Teach One (Silver Vinyl)

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Oneida began as a project, then became a gang. Come On Everybody Let’s Rock (2000) and Anthem of the Moon (2001) were absolutely gang work, and Each One Teach One was a logical final blow. The music on Each One Teach One was recorded in several different locations, under different circumstances, and using different compositional techniques. Some of the songs were built piece by piece through the recording and editing process; some were conceptualized ahead of time and approached with some science; and some were pure instinct. All four members of the band worked on composing and the final result, this album, is an accurate document of Oneida following the turn of the century.

Approx. weight 550 gr / Sealed / Limited edition / Silver vinyl / Gatefold sleeve / Includes download code

Side A
1. Sheets Of Easter

Side B
1. Each One Teach One LISTEN
2. People Of The North LISTEN
3. Number Nine
4. Sneak Into The Woods

Side C
1. Antibiotics

Side D
1. Rugaru
2. Black Chamber
3. No Label

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