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Featuring Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow) on Hawaiian laptop noisy guitar and keyboards, Mick Hobbs (Family Fodder, The Work, Officer!) on bass and Andy Wake (Unrest, Work & Play) on drums, The Momes were an unique power trio with an abrasive sound channeling post-punk, psych-prog and avant-rock. 'Spiralling' is their sole album, recorded at This Heat's Cold Storage studio by Charles Bullen (This Heat, Lifetones) and originally released in 1989 on the Woof label (operated by Tim Hodgkinson and Bill Gilonis). First ever vinyl reissue of this lost gem, recommended to fans of This Heat, Wire, Sonic Youth, Faust, Amon Düül II, Can, MX-80 Sound, Mission Of Burma. Includes a bonus 7" with two tracks taken from the album sessions. Digital download also includes a previously unreleased bonus track from the same album sessions.

Side A
1. Lobby
2. Friday
3. Mirror Egg
4. Bloodsucking Babies LISTEN
5. Ghosts
6. Locus Swarm LISTEN

Side B
1. Core Of Water
2. Dog
3. World Is Only Turning
4. Nitrate Mine LISTEN
5. Slab

Bonus 7"
Side A: All Is Forgiven
Side B: Mao