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Back From The Grave Volume Two

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A1. The Outsiders - Summertime Blues     
A2. The Banshees - They Prefer Blondes     
A3. Unknown Artist - Little By Little     
A4. The Hatfields - Yes I Do     
A5. The Reasons Why - All I Really Need Is Love     
A6. Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors - Scream     
A7. The Mystics - Snoopy     
A8. The Hysterics - Won't Get Far     
B1. The Lyrics - They Can't Hurt Me     
B2. The Canadian Rogues - Keep In Touch     
B3. Sweet Cherry - Funny Things Floating     
B4. The Outsiders - She's Coming On Stronger     
B5. The Mods - Satisfaction     
B6. The Deverons - On The Road Again     
B7. The Children Of Darkness - She's Mine

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