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Teenage Head (Pink Vinyl)

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A remastered reissue of Teenage Head, the second album recorded by San Francisco band Flaming Groovies in 1971 under the label Kama Sutra.

This album is probably the most acclaimed album of the band, and it is the last album with singer Roy Loney who left the band over differences in opinion with co-founder Cyril Jordan about the band’s future musical direction. Teenage Head is an angst-ridden, highly influential cult classic, with unforgettable tunes like the title track and “High Flyin’ Baby”. Released the same year as The Rolling Stones’ classic album Sticky Fingers, Mick Jagger reportedly noticed the similarities between the albums and thought the Flamin’ Groovies did the better take on the theme of classic blues and rock ‘n roll revisited in a modern context.

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