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Go! (White Vinyl)

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Gordon is a great advertisement for live jazz. When he really starts "stretchin' out" on a number, and his long, firmly anchored legs begin vibrating rapidly from side to side, the intense swing of his music has a natural visual counterpart. It's true that you cannot see him in this album but you can feel the impact of his personality as it is poured into his music. This session was not recorded in a nightclub performance but in its informal symmetry, it matches the relaxed atmosphere that the best of those made in that manner engender. Everyone was really together, in all the most positive meanings of that word. It was so good that Blue Note put these four men in the studio again, two days later. We'll be hearing that one in the near future. Meanwhile, proceed directly to 'Go!' You won't collect $200.00, but you will get a monopoly of Melody Avenue, Swing Street and Inspiration Place. Originally released on Blue Note in 1962.

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