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The Mushroom Tapes (Green Vinyl)

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These legendary tracks were the demos recorded for the Priest Driven Ambulance album, with the classic band line-up featuring Jonathan Donahue from Mercury Rev on guitar. Originally recorded by Donahue and remastered by Dave Fridmann and the Flaming Lips, they give a great insight into the creative process of the band. This is the first time The Mushroom Tapes will have been available as a stand-alone release and first ever time these tracks have been available on vinyl.

Approx. weight 260 gr / Sealed / Limited edition / Green vinyl

Side A
1. Take Meta Mars
2. Mountain Side
3. There You Are
4. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
5. Rainin' Babies
6. Unconsciously Screaming

Side B
1. Stand In Line
2. God's A Wheeler Dealer
3. Agonizing
4. One Shot LISTEN
5. Cold Day LISTEN
6. Jam

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