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B-otherSide records in collaboration with Liquid Bass Records, proudly presents the previous unreleased album "B-yond" of the dark wave/post punk band of the '90's "Scoria", recorded between 1989-1990.

Scoria have recorded two albums at 1985 and 1986, mainly upon new wave/dark wave sound but in this third recording session, they mixed post punk sounds along with neo garage elements. The recording session started at 1989 and ended at 1990, at 111 Recording Studio of Takis Argyriou. The artwork was made by Yorgos "Farao" Aiginitis and the sleeve adaption by Dimi Levidi. The release come at 100 hand numbered copies with fold out sleeve, contains 10 tracks plus a bonus cd with one more track from the recording session of 1989 and the track "Aggelos", recorded by Nikos Georgas at 2014. The album is dedicated to the loving memory of Aggelos Kakouratos and Albertos Levis.

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