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The Art of Love

Since the Covid pandemic, Annelies Tanghe and Sam Pieter Janssens a.k.a. And Then Came Fall have released highly appreciated singles with “Please Don't Disappear” n “Chasing the Sun”, “Love Like Gold”, “Photograph” and "Better" that both were heard regularly at Studio Brussel, Radio 1, Radio 2 and Willy. Their tour as support for De Mens was postponed several times because of the cursed beast, but was finally successfully completed last summer. Under the moniker of “The Art of Love”, the band announced the release of no less than 2 EPs produced by David Poltrock. Two separate digital releases that together will form a whole, both musically and graphically, with the connecting power of Love as a guideline. Both EPs will be released together on LP and CD.

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