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Corrosion of Hearts (Grey/Black Vinyl)
Austere Corrosion of Hearts (Grey/Black Vinyl)
Format: LP Type: Album
Labels: Lupus Lounge
Genre: Metal
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 0884388868069

AUSTERE are back. The Australians return with their third album – and they are as laconic and without any pretensions as when they went into extended hibernation after the release of their sophomore full-length "To Lay like Old Ashes" in 2009. Entitled "Corrosion of Hearts", the new tracks stay true to the path that AUSTERE have carved for themselves out of solid black metal bedrock. The multi-layered and harsh yet often dreamlike guitar tapestries woven by Mitchell Keepin are complemented by the emotive drumming of Tim Yatras, who also contributes keyboard splashes and cinematic soundscapes. In the typical manner of these Australians, their songs are still meandering, flowing streams of musical thought of epic proportions. On "Corrosion of Hearts", AUSTERE's brand of black metal has evolved into a more mature and defined form of expression, which is hardly surprising as both musicians were active in other bands during their hiatus. The duo also took more time to craft their new songs into exactly what they were supposed to sound like than before. With greater experience comes more determination. AUSTERE grew out of an existing solo-project of multi-instrumentalist and singer Desolate alias Mitchell Keepin who joined forces with drummer, keyboarder, and vocalist Sorrow aka Tim Yatras in 2005. Although the Australians had quickly attracted an equally loyal and substantial following during their first few years, AUSTERE decided to go on a prolonged hiatus before resuming activities in 2021. As a first sign of their rebirth, the band released a compilation of their earlier material as an artbook edition entitled “Towards the Great Unknown” via Lupus Lounge. With rekindled passion and a clear vision, AUSTERE are finally ready to release their eagerly and long-awaited third full-length "Corrosion of Hearts". Beautiful yet proudly grim, a fierce black storm rises from Down Under.

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