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So Is The Sun
Facta So Is The Sun
Format: 12" Type: EP
Labels: Wisdom Teeth
Release Year: 2024
EAN/UPC: 5056321696700
Available for immediate delivery

Facta returns home to his own Wisdom Teeth imprint with ‘So is the sun’ - a bold EP of artful club reductions that distill his unique and playful approach into some of his most assured and direct works to date. As ever with Facta’s output, there is a moreish push-pull between functionality and creativity on display here.

Infectious hooks are sculpted out of warping, plasticine sounds, whilst melodic splashes of colour are painted in broad, bright brushstrokes. Bleeping FM synths fizz into shot before oozing out of frame again, dripping splashes of neon colour over the record’s skipping, nimble rhythms as they go. There are a few key reference points at play here - in particular the light-footed grooves of early 00’s minimal house and the space-age synths of artists like DBX and S-Max - but these influences are totally refracted and subverted to create something fresh, contemporary and of its own. Produced and honed across a year, the tracks took shape slowly alongside regular club play from the label crew and a clutch of trusted DJs who road tested the tunes at various demo stages.

The result is one of Facta’s most decisive and focused club records so far. The EP marks the Londoner’s first solo outing in over a year, following on from his acclaimed 2023 EP, ‘Emeline’, which was released on Anthony Naples and DJ’J’s Incienso imprint. It forms part of Wisdom Teeth’s busy schedule of 10 year celebrations, which includes a string of releases from new and existing label members, merch drops, and a global run of live showcase events.

Vinyl copies also include two exclusive locked grooves for the adventurous DJ

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