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Cpt Blind (Blue Vinyl)
Magic De Spell Cpt Blind (Blue Vinyl)
Format: LP Type: Album, Reissue/Repress
Release Year: 2022
First Release: 1985
Available for immediate delivery

One of Magic De Spell's distinctive features as a band, since their 1980's start, was the constant quest for musical transformation.

Soon after the release of their second LP "Kiss The Mirror" in 1984, the band turned into a trio (George Scarlatos, Elias Aslanoglou and Theodore Vlachakis). They rejected their unique post-punk/dark/new wave sound for the sake of a more synth-oriented one. In February 1985 they made their first live appearance with this line-up at "Kyttaro" club. Two female vocalists were added in the process (Johnnee and Bessie).

They moved on with their new project head on and although that transformation was something very natural from the band's perspective, their friends and fans viewed it with skepticism.

They requested from their label to cancel their contract and they signed with "Enigma Records" which released the album "Cpt Blind" in December 1985.

Their efforts were focused not only in creating a minimalist electronic sound, but in presenting a range of interesting sound samples and mixes, even with the addition of physical instruments. Many of the final recordings were made with the helping hand of several fellow musicians. Furthermore, the contribution of their new label "Enigma Records" in the overall remarkable production can't be overlooked.

With this line up, they presented their new LP in Athens, Thessaloniki and many other cities, mainly in southern Greece. They continued performing live, especially in Athens, while re-interpreting many of their older songs to match with their new musical style. In the late 80's (around 1988-89) all members embarked on individual projects (Alice In A Nightmare - Pedia Tou Iliou e.t.c.). The English speaking/lyrics version of Magic De Spell appeared live for one last time in 1991 during the promotion of the "Best Of" LP entitled "A Story - The Best And The Rest" which included many tracks from the "Cpt Blind" LP and actually marked the end of their New Wave/Post Punk era.

Geheimnis Music Productions is pleased to announce the reissue of the album "Cpt Blind", in 250 hand-numbered copies, on transparent blue vinyl. The LP cover is a complete replica of the original one, including the printed inner sleeve with the lyrics and credits. The LP comes with two bonus tracks "Thriller (Magica De Spell Soundtrack)" and the demo version of "Motorcycle Boy". Out in February 4th, 2022.

Geheimnis Music Productions · Magic De Spell - Cpt Blind (1985) / Reissue 2022

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