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Mid Air

It took Romy a while to land on the album title Mid Air. Yet the words seemed to encapsulate the references, emotions, thoughts and complexities of the record in a way that no other could. The sense of a suspended or liminal moment as you take a leap and dive into something. That distinct moment of weightlessness when someone sweeps you off your feet in a new relationship when you’re falling in love. And the otherworldly freedom of the club, the out of body experience of being lifted out of whatever you’re feeling if only for a night. Escape, trance, euphoria, release. “Mid Air is an album about celebration, sanctuary and salvation on the dance floor,” in Romy’s own words. “It's an album that deals with love, grief, relationships, identity and sexuality. It’s a love letter to the queer clubs where I've found community and connection.”

Making the album, her first solo project, has been a process of getting to know herself outside of The xx, as well as having the time to fall in love and immersing herself in the adventure and inspiration that can bring. “It’s a coming-out album in a way, although I came out in my personal life a long time ago, but I guess it’s also a coming-through album – through grief and heartache, towards euphoria.”

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