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The Cosmic Race
Scanner The Cosmic Race
Format: CD+Book Type: Album
Genre: Metal
Release Year: 2024
EAN/UPC: 5200123664522
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The time has come for a new Scanner album after almost a decade. As the previous dictography almost imperatively demands, "The Cosmic Race" has become a concept album: survival on Earth has become increasingly difficult, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and military conflicts have reached their peak, large parts of the continents are nuclear-contaminated. Life is concentrated in a few large cities, and the confinement and heat in them has become unbearable. The Scanner (a mix of human and android) fetches some of the humans to take them to a habitable planet called Terrion in another galaxy. The long journey ends successfully. But even in the new world, humans have to defend themselves against aliens and invaders from other planets and start all over again. They want to take advantage of their second chance and do better than they do on Earth. However, since there are also doubters and apostates among them who oppose the new community, the Scanner has developed a system that can identify these apostates in their nocturnal dream phases. You'll find yourself in a Twilight Zone. They are eventually lashed to huge totem poles in a trance, where dream and reality fight against each other until they are purified.

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