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Light Wood, Dark Strings
Tonbruket Light Wood, Dark Strings
Format: CD Type: Album
Labels: Smuggler Music
Genre: Jazz
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 1969226024438

The four-time Grammy award-winning (Swedish Grammy) group Tonbruket will release their sixth studio album Light Wood, Dark Strings. For a band as diverse as Tonbruket, whose diligent exploration of the outback of jazz and constant expansion of the boundaries of the genre, it is hardly surprising that the band has once again set its sights on new ways of expression. The joy of discovery also manifests itself on the upcoming album, which is a step in a new direction for the band. Unlike the previous five albums (all on ACT), which have contained loads of synths and effects pedals, Light Wood, Dark Strings is almost completely organic. Now they have let the natural sounds influence the album, and created their most low-key and soft record so far. Members; bass;Dan Berglund (E.S.T., Rymden) keys/violin;Martin Hederos (The Soundtyrack of Our Lives, Hederosgruppen) guitar/edal steel:Johan Lindström (Rebecka Törnqvist, Elvis Costello) drums;Andreas Werliin (Fire!, Wildbirds & Peacedrums)

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