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10-12-18 Rarities, B-Sides and More...

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Zig Zags - 10-12-18 ...rarities, b-sides, and more!: This is a compilation of the Los Angeles based Punk Metal band Zig Zags music in sequential order of their release so that the listener can hear for themselves the evolution of the bands music. The first LP on the compilation, Side 1 and 2 holds the bands project 10-12 that was released by Burger Records as a cassette. The cassette was limited to 300 but has long been sold out and pretty tough to find. This 2xLP release is also limited to 300 as a homage to Burger Records. The second LP, sides 3 and 4, is comprised of all of their single 7"s from Volcom Etertainment, In The Red Records, Chrome Banana, and Famous Class.

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