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In Ze Early Morning
iZem In Ze Early Morning
Format: LP Type: Album
Labels: Piano Piano
Release Year: 2023
EAN/UPC: 3516628435010

Following his first LP "Hafa" released by Soundway Records and a 12inch where he remixed Guts & Les Frères Smith (Pura Vida / Heavenly Sweetness), the nomadic producer iZem continues to blaze his own trail, offering a hybrid of Afro-Brazilian influences and electronic funk. After the release in 2022 of the EP "Yemamaya" composed with the Brazilian LuizGa, which was unanimously acclaimed by the public, he is releasing his second album "in Ze early morning", surrounded by artists and friends who have marked out his journey between South America, Portugal and France.

"in The early morning" is a fusion of musical aesthetics, the fruit of the artist's passionate quest to reveal links between cultures. iZem is constantly on the move, creating songs from loops and ideas initiated on the road, with his laptop as his companion. These first seeds are then developed with musicians from all over the world, to create innovative tracks that blend tropical trip-hop, Afro-Latin music and avant-garde electro beats.

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